100 days of color

A color a day for 100 days.

A color a day for 100 days.

Inspired by a workshop for graduate graphic design students at the Yale School of Art, students began a journey to pursue the same task daily for 100 days. The project began on January 13th 2015 and ended on April 23rd 2015.

Color was captured, sometimes surprisingly. Materials explored, some cataloged and others

Light, color and shadow were witnessed above, in front and below the eye line producing surprising results. Other students created books, documenting their lives and their treasures, or a poster of Detroit views from the Taubman Center for Education, and finally one student chose to look at contrast and pattern, limiting her observations to black and white photographs.

All the projects produced a collection of how we see, what we see and began a conversation about the potential to look at things differently. Seeing the obvious but not always the apparent. The project served to record, entertain, question and inspire.