Introduction to the CCS MFA in Interaction Design

A video is now posted about the Interaction Design program here at CCS, one of our four MFA programs. Here’s a link to my current thinking about the future of IxD and therefore what interaction designers need for highly successful careers. Have a look and then keep reading here if you’d like to know more context.

In April of 2015 I became chair of the MFA program in Interaction Design here at CCS. My educational background is computer science, humanities, and cybernetics—which was an excellent, holistic path to my current role. (You might see why from the tasting menu of my prior work.)

My goal as chair is to create a world-class masters program in interaction design that builds on the foundational history of CCS. To achieve that goal it is necessary to create inclusive conversations with design practitioners, educators, and the broad markets through which interaction design flows. These conversations must explore current needs, imagined futures, and design responsibility. We must also understand the history of design to help us decide what to teach, and why. — Paul Pangaro.