Programming And Animating On The Same Screen At The Same Time

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The relationship between a piece of code and the result of that code is nearly always a distant one. “Code” means a long string of text, written in an arcane logic. It takes months or more likely years to acquire coding skills. But the result of that code — a calculation, a screen display, user controls on an interface — must be approachable, transparent, and require only seconds or minutes to understand.

This discrepancy led to a novel user interface with the goal of “Programming And Animating On The Same Screen At The Same Time.” Here’s the story:

a. Background — When and Why
b. General Description of Programming Environment — Article in the Popular Press
c. Animation Show Reel (silent) — An Homage to Vector Graphics at the Dawn of Pixels
d. BEYOND MENUS — Published Paper about the “Do-What-Do” UI Paradigm
e. EOM Animation System — Technical Description