Paper Presented – Remaking COLLOQUY – Progress Update #2

side-by-side female body

Side-by-side comparison: Photo of original female mobile and 3D-printed model of the female body by TJ McLeish

I wonder if you’ve heard of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour—I love all that, all the way down to the extra ‘u’ for the UK spelling.  As part of their annual conference, AISB held a Symposium in Liverpool today called Cybernetic Serendipity Reimagined, where I gave a 12-minute presentation on the status of the COLLOQUY 2018 Project (download the audio here and slides to follow along here). The presentation was a recap of progress on the project based on a paper published by AISB written by TJ McLeish, master fabricator of the COLLOQUY project, and myself.

It’s been a fascinating journey for Studio II: Programming for Designers and Studio IV: Immersive, Interactive Experiences, in the MFA Interaction Design program at CCS in Detroit. One of the discoveries is the (now obvious) discrepancy between the diagram of the Colloquy as published by Gordon Pask and the actual configuration-as-built.

Comparison of published diagram of design and Colloquy as built in 1968

Some of the discrepancies of Pask’s published diagram (left) and Colloquy as built in 1968 (right). The upper part of each side is a plan (view from above the mobiles) and the lower part is a section (view from the side).

At this point in the project, the entire digital model is complete and we are finalizing plans to fabricate the mobiles. We will open-source all that we learn. We are still seeking funding to complete the full-scale installation. Please write to for more information.

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Colloquy 1968 at ICA (left) and 3D digital model 2018 by TJ McLeish

Colloquy 1968 in London (left) and 3D digital model of Colloquy 2018 by TJ McLeish (right). Photo on left from