Interaction Design Program Description

imagejpeg_0Our MFA in Interaction Design program brings together students of design, art, and technology from all over the world who have a strong portfolio in conceptualization, work process, and aesthetic execution, as well as a passion for serving human needs.

While the discipline of Interaction Design is new and emerging, its roots lie within human-centered design practices. Your studies at CCS are grounded in those practices while extending your knowledge and capabilities to prepare you for the changing nature of work and collaboration in the 21st century. Our unique program balances research, systems modeling, and making, teaching you how to step beyond the limits of today’s technology and market demands to shape desired futures through design.

Through our curriculum, you develop deep systems literacy—a timeless framework for understanding rapidly evolving technology platforms and economic, market, and social challenges. You become adept with models of interaction and conversation that sharpen your insights and enable you to increase choice for all of your users. You practice collaborative techniques to solve “wicked problems” by collectively converging diverse viewpoints around shared values and feasible solutions. You learn how value creation has evolved in today’s networked, information-driven global economy and how to innovate through design.

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In today’s competitive environment, designers must acquire a professional orientation that adheres to relevant market opportunities and the highest standards of industry excellence.

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