Color and Materials Design


Color and Materials Design Students at work

Color and Materials Design Students at work

Today more than ever, a designer with a specialized expertise in color and materials is in demand across a wide range of industries. But this demand comes with greater expectations: visual skills that must meet the highest professional standards and the analytical ability to forecast trends and identify opportunities to compete in a changing business and consumer environment.

The CCS Color and Materials Design program will be the first Masters program of its kind in the United States. It addresses both the theoretical and practical knowledge of color, new materials, finishes and processes to develop a practitioner’s expertise in their application to various design solutions. As a graduate student in the program, your ‘eye’ for color differentiation, materials craftsmanship and quality assessment will be developed to the highest professional standards. In addition:

  • You will learn how these qualities relate to communicate a unique design message and product brand identity, critical in today’s highly competitive and changing markets.
  • You will practice different research methods to identify potential trends that can impact consumers as well as advancements in materials technology that reveal new markets.
  • You will develop scenarios related to environmental and social concerns that signal future innovation opportunities.
  • Industry-sponsored studio courses will test your theoretical and practical knowledge as well as your creative skills against ‘real’ projects, structured to reflect the professional studio environment and are evaluated by industry leaders.
  • A Masters Thesis will complete your graduate experience, showcasing your readiness for a career in Color and Materials Design.

The goal of the CCS Color and Materials Design program is to help you acquire the expertise necessary for a successful career in color and materials design that reaches beyond the automotive industry and has come to influence an extensive range of design fields, including industrial design, interior design, fashion and technology-related industries in significant ways.

Learn more about the impact of Color and Materials, from CCS undergraduate alum, Susan Lampien in this article about Ford’s commitment to this growing field. Read more.
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