MFA Integrated Design

A new kind of designer is emerging – design strategist, brand embassador, service designer, design researcher, social innovators…Today’s complex design problems need an holistic approach for understanding and creating solutions. Integrated Design is for designers who seek career opportunities outside the traditional 2D or 3D boundaries. The program is not just about creating beautiful artifacts or studying a random combination of different mediums or disciplines. It is about creating design thinkers, with an eye towards social innovation.

As a student in the College’s Integrated Design program, you will be among highly talented people who share a passion for solving problems. Whether it’s branding strong human touch points that differentiate a cancer surgery center in the eyes of its patients or developing powerful co-creation tools for a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families become self-sufficient or designing a wearable device for preventing myopia in children, you will be challenged to think about how design can find answers to complex issues faced by society. Simply put, how can we as designers improve people’s lives?Learn More

Faculty for Integrated Design

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