Materials Studio

This series of vessels made from eggshells by 2017 Color & Materials graduate, Roma Rupani began by looking at discarded food  ingredients  as a source for innovating surface, appearance and texture.   The project  led by Kelly Slank introduced the work of Laurence Humier, in her project Cooking Material.   By contrast Ying Zhang focussed on using a variety of Chinese food ingredients; peppers, shaved coconut and beans to create playful and interesting results, captured in resin with a range of gloss levels, she speculated possible applications.



Color and materials play key role in BMW’s MINI Vision Next 100 concept car

mini-concept-vehicle-bmw-transport-design-autonomous-driverless-technology-car-digital-intelligence-system-_dezeen_936_9Mini interior concept

The subject of vehicle sharing  and autonomy is close to heart and frequently the topic of collaborations between CMF designers and Transportation designers here at CCS.  MINI and the team at BMW are testing concepts where different configurations are built in to suit user’s preferences, treating the interior and exterior as a “blank canvas” for customer personalization.  Another question  that is on everyone’s minds is how to manage the materials aspect of shared ownership. Here is Mini’s approach recently reported by

” Sharing cars intensively would increase the general wear and tear of vehicles, so MINI has investigated the use hard-wearing materials for the interior.The vehicle’s floor, roof lining and side-panel trim would be made out of recycled plastic and aluminium.The storage net behind the steering wheel would made from lightweight basalt and the lower section of the seat would be finished in a recycled cellulose material similar to paper.

The novel use of materials included deliberately allows a patina to develop through use, ensuring they retain a long-lasting and sophisticated appearance,” said  MINI design chief Anders Warming.


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