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Haworth Collection Showcase Craftsmanship at NeoCon 2016

At NeoCon 2016 this week Haworth brought their  Italian craftsmen from both Poltrona Frau and Cassina to Chicago where they demonstrated their techniques to the crowds in a series of windows. Sharing decades of experience with the audience.

The  Poltrona Frau ‘Chester’ is made from 95% natural materials. The nylon cord contributing to the 5%. The arms include approximately 31 pleats all meticulously hand folded.

Cassina’s “Superleggera”  No.699 chair designed by Gio Ponti in 1957 weights a mere 1.7 kilos or 3.75 pounds.

The Cane Seat is hand-woven, the bamboo is cut into strips, for the edges it needs to be soaked first, then knotted.







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