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Design is Conversation

The paper “Cybernetics and Design: Conversations for Action” [PDF] has recently gone to print in a peer-reviewed journal. It offers a rationale for the position that design is conversation; perhaps a surprising idea, but the logic in the paper is rigorous. Cybernetics offers a foundation for 21st-century design practice, here is the core of it:

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What is Interaction Design?

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When I say I teach Interaction Design, I’m usually asked, “What’s that? What is Interaction Design”—I’m asked right away about the interaction part, as if there’s no question about the design part, about what “design” is.

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What makes for a compelling interaction?

When we talk about “interaction” and “interaction design”, there is a presumption or a hope that the interactions will be valuable, interesting, engaging—maybe even stronger than all that: that the interaction will be compelling. What can make an interaction compelling? It may be helpful to look back at historically important interaction designs, so we’re not blinded by the amazing technology we have today.

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Paul Pangaro

Paul Pangaro, MFA Interaction Design

Internationally recognized technology executive & educator Paul Pangaro to head CCS’s Master of Fine Arts Interaction Design program

The College for Creative Studies (CCS) has named internationally recognized technology executive and educator Paul Pangaro as Chair of its Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Interaction Design program. He joins CCS as of April 1 and will begin teaching in the fall 2015 semester. Read more…